Gunnebo House

A mutual passion for sustainability and authentic craftsmanship were the main drivers when Fristads decided to sponsor the historic Gunnebo House in Mölndal, Sweden., in 2021. As a result of the collaboration, the Gunnebo craftsmen and their students are now wearing garments from Fristads’ environmentally declared Green collection. 

“Gunnebo is renowned for its authentic craftsmanship and has a circular approach at all operational levels. This combination of high-quality craftsmanship and a genuine commitment to sustainability makes it a perfect environment for our environmentally declared workwear,” says Anders Hülse, Managing Director of Fristads.


Gunnebo is an 18th century national cultural reserve and historic building that has been owned by the City of Mölndal since 1949. The vision is to preserve and develop an estate that makes a difference in contemporary society by facilitating historic research and passing on traditional craftsmanship. Both the gardens and the restaurant at Gunnebo are certified organic and the menu in the restaurant is adjusted according to the seasons.

By sponsoring Gunnebo, Fristads aims to strengthen its sustainability work. In turn, the Fristads Green workwear helps Gunnebo fulfil a part of their environmental policy stipulating that preferences should be given to sustainably produced goods and services.
“Finding environmentally sustainable workwear has always been a challenge, so it’s great that this partnership solves that part of the puzzle,” says Andreas Bergerson, carpenter at Gunnebo House.


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