FAS® - our best twill in
100% cotton

We started manufacturing workwear back in 1925. For port-workers, masons, carpenters and painters. Hard-working men and women who used to toil in their own worn-out everyday clothes, year after year. A lot has happened since then. The fabrics used have undergone considerable development and to meet the requirements of the job and to give users the optimal conditions for doing a good job. In 1949, however, Fristads developed something that still works today: FAS® - our very best cotton. FAS® is a cotton quality like no other. It has the kind of wear resistance that is unparalleled in cotton fabric, no matter how it is used, whether subjected to rubbing or other hard wear. It is a strong natural material that can withstand frequent washing, and it gets even stronger when wet. In addition, FAS® is comfortable to wear. FAS® has been with us for more years than colour TV, personal computers and cordless drills. And it will be with us for a long time to come. FAS® is and remains the original.