EN ISO 20471 is a standard for high visibility garments – garments with enhanced visibility. High visibility clothing has fluorescent areas and reflective material conforming to certification requirements according to three different classes 1, 2 and 3. Class 3 is the highest safety class.
In the tables below you can find more information about how to combine you garments to maintain or obtain a certain safety class.


On garments personalised with company logos, it is important to ensure that the logo does not obscure too great of a proportion of the fluorescent area. The table below will help you determine how large your logo can be. The total fluorescent area must be at least 0.8 m2  to conform with class 3. Download pdf here.

Reach the highest safety class by combining our garments

To attain a protection system with the highest possible certification class – class 3 – various combinations of garments are certified together. Combining different garments provides many possibilities. A garment that is certified as class 1 can be combined with a garment that is certified as class 2, to attain in combination class 3 in all sizes. All approved combinations are specified on the CE label on each garment.

The table below shows which garments can be combined to attain EN ISO 20471 class 3. Download pdf here.