Get your bike ready for spring

Some people ride all year-round, but for many, bicycle season starts in the spring. All bikes need some amount of maintenance to stay in good shape, but just how much depends on where, when and how often you use your bike. Winter is the most damaging period when it comes to wear and tear on a bike and going off-road is harder on the bike than riding it to work. If you ride a lot in the winter or off-road, it is advisable to visit a bike mechanic for a comprehensive service in the spring. Of course, there are also some basic things you can do yourself to get your bike into good shape. These helpful tips from the professional bike mechanics supporting the cyclocross team Credishop Fristads will help you get started. 

1. Go through the bike and check the different functions

Check the tyres and tyre pressure. Which air pressure you should have depends on your bike and the type of tyres you have (see the table below for general recommendations).Check the saddle height. One easy method is to stand beside the bike and adjust the saddle so it is the same hight as your hip. Then sit down on your bike and place your heal on the pedal. The crank arm should be in line with the seat tube. You should now be able to stretch out your leg. Then you know if the height is right. When all settings are made, make sure the chain is not rusty and properly lubricated. Check the brake pads and cables and the gears.

2. Cleaning time!

It is important to clean your bike regularly to minimise wear and tear. If you go off-road, ideally you should do this after every ride, but after two rides is also fine. If you use your bike more for highway riding or transportation, every 20th bike ride is a good rule of thumb. For the chain, use degreaser and leave on for 5-10 min. Then you can use the rough side of a sponge to give it an extra rub. For the driveline you can use a toothbrush to clean between the rack and the pulleys. For the frame, use a soft sponge which you soak in water and soap and clean the bike from front to back. For the tires, a large and soft brush is recommended. Start by the valve and work your way around the tire before cleaning the spokes and hubs. And do not forget, drying the bike is just as important as cleaning it! Especially the moving parts.


3. Use the right products

There are many different brands and products in the world of bicycle maintenance, and it is important to use the right product for the right part to make your bike last longer. For example, there are specific products for chain cleaning, bike cleaning, lubrication for chain and lubrication for moving parts. There are many environmentally friendly products on the market today and 90 percent of the bottles and cans can be refilled to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. If you were only to invest in one product, choose a biodegradleble, water-based bike cleaner with good dissolving properties.

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