You can easily combine our garments to attain the safety class YOU NEED IN your job

All high visibility garments are certified in three different classes – 1, 2 and 3 – depending on how visible they are. Class 3 is the highest level of visibility. The requirements for different types of work vary, but the class specifications are a smart way to find the correct garments for your job.

Our garments have also been certified together so you can easily combine a class 1 garment and a class 2 garment to attain the highest class 3 protection.

See our Safety class guide for a complete list of all possible combinations.


High visibility clothing recommendation for you working in transportation

This is a common way of dressing when
you work in service and transportation. You don’t need to have completely high visibility clothing, yet still have a need of enhanced visibility. If you wish to be more visible just add a class 2 or 3 top.


High visibility clothing recommendation for you working at large construction sites

Being clearly visible at large construction sites can be crucial. Many craftsmen choose to wear garments with higher visibility. You can combine one of our class 1 craftsman trousers with a class 2 sweatshirt or jacket to get the highest class 3 protection.


High visibility clothing recommendations for you working on roads, railroads etc

For anyone working on roads, railroads and other places where staying safe is dependent on being sufficiently visible, this is the way to go. For these types of jobs there are strict regulations on how to dress and we can provide a wide range of certified garments to guarantee the highest class 3 protection.