EN 1149-5:2008

Certified and approved garments that protect against electrostatic discharge. Suitable for work where there is a risk of explosion.

The person wearing electrostatic dissipative clothing shall be properly earthed. The resistance between the person and the earth shall be less than 108 Ω, e.g. by wearing adequate footwear. Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing shall not be opened or removed whilst in presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres or while handling flammable or explosive substances. The garment shall permanently cover all non-compliant material during normal use, including bending and movements.

People working in an ATEX environment often wear flame retardant clothing. In this environment it is important that the garments do not charge with static electricity, which can cause sparks. To make garments antistatic, we add antistatic fibres to the fabric. To ensure that the design is right and suitable for use in an ATEX environment, the garments are certified according to EN 1149-5 together (at least) with EN ISO 11612. The garments are metal-free to offer higher security.