EN ISO 11611:2015

Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes. This standard specifies two classes with specific performance requirements; Class 1 being the lower level and Class 2 the higher level.

In electric arc-welding operations there is a risk of exposure of skin to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. During use the fabric of the clothing will degrade. Examine the garments regularly to prevent exposure to UV radiation. If user experience sunburn-like symptoms, UVB is penetrating. If garment is found to be penetrated by UV radiation, it should be repaired (if practicable) or replaced and the use of additional, more resistant protective layers should be considered in future. Two-piece protective clothing must be worn together to provide the specified level of protection. The CE-label inside the garment states the required garment-assembly. Using additional partial protective garments, the basic garment shall meet at least Class 1. Use of welding apron which covers the front body at least from side seam to side seam is recommended. Additional partial body protection may be required, e.g. for welding overhead.