EN ISO 11612:2015

Clothing to protect against heat and flame.

Two-piece protective clothing must be worn together to provide the specified level of protection. The CE-label inside the garment states the required garment-assembly. The CE-label inside the garment states to which code letters the garment are certified. The higher level, the better. The following code letters are describing the performance of the garments.

A: Limited flame spread
A1 - Surface ignition
A2 - Edge ignition

B: Protection against convective heat
B1 – B3
Convective heat is the heat that passes through the garment when in contact with flame. If there is an outer fabric that does not burn, injury may nevertheless occur due to the heat that forms when the fabric – and, indirectly, the body – comes into contact with the flame.

C: Protection against radiant heat
C1 – C4
Low radiant heat over a long period can result in a risk of injury.

D: Protection against molten aluminum splash
D1 – D3

E: Protection against molten iron splash
E1 – E3
Even if the fabric does not start to burn or decay in contact with the molten metal, you can still get burns. The test indicates how many molten metal splashes the fabric can withstand before protection is compromised

F: Protection against contact heat
F1 – F3
Contact heat over a long period can result in risk of injury.