Our best tips for the trip

Our best tips for the trip

Outdoor recreation represents freedom, breathing fresh air, being close to the forest, mountains and ocean and the opportunity to be one with nature for a moment. But in order to make the most of your trip there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Bring down the bar.
To be outdoors doesn’t necessarily have to mean going on a big and epic adventure. It might as well entail going to some local woods or a neighborhood park where you can make lunch over the open fire.

Clear your calendar.
Make sure to clear out your calendar all day or weekend, so you don’t need to feel stress because you have times to keep. It usually takes a few hours to wind down and having plenty of time is a must in order to enjoy the experience of being here and now.

Disconnect to connect.
Turn off all the notifications on your phones before the trip, so you don’t risk getting distracted by work or social media when you’re out in nature. Also, hold off on posting pictures to social media until you’re back home, to make it easier to focus on your company IRL.  

Start out early.
By starting out early in the day you’re not only increasing your chances of having the trail to yourself, without fellow outdoor lovers breathing down your neck, you’re also more likely to nab the best camping spots.  

Dress right.
To increase the chances of keeping everybody happy during the trip, it’s important to dress right. Check the weather forecast and make sure to bring clothes to protect yourself against the elements. Find more tips in our guide.

Bring food.
Regardless of the length of the trip, make sure to bring some tasty food and drinks. Even short excursions are more fun if you take a break for coffee, snacks or a warm meal and if there are children on the trip, bringing extra energy is a must. Find more tips for eating outdoors during short as well as long trips here.

Enjoy nature.
Enjoy what nature has to offer and take in the scenic views, track down some animals or forage for mushrooms. Also, make sure to respect nature by not leaving trash and waste behind.

Finally, remember that just like with exercise the best trip is the one that actually happens!  

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