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​​​​​There is no substitute for hard work. That goes for you as a professional and for us as your partner.
No matter how hard you push, high you climb or far you go – your ambition makes all the
difference. Our mission is to equip you for every possible challenge ahead, so you can aim higher
and be your best. We’re in this together.

Friwear tights

Revolutionary workwear.

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Fristads is the first clothing producer in the world to introduce a new standard for measuring the total environmental impact of a garment – from choice of material to delivery of the finished garment. We want to contribute to positive change and greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact.

Take a look at our 2019 catalogue with over 300 pages of high-quality workwear with functional and contemporary design.

Based on experience and feedback from the people wearing our products we have created the Fristads CORE assortment. A selection of recommended styles of which we keep substantial stocks to ensure products are available at all times. See all our CORE products here.

Fristads Workwear
At Fristads it's our heritage, it's in pur DNA - we make workwear. Designed so all you wearersout there can have excellent functional clothing at work. Whether it's about keeping you comfortable, safe, warm, dry or fully geared we can offer a wide collection of workwear for most professions. Available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colours to match your specific needs.