Here you will find our entire range of functional workwear in durable materials and innovative designs.

No matter which profession you are involved in, the stretch performance of your garments will boost your comfort and flexibility. And as a bonus,  the garments will fit better and look better.

We put the worker’s safety first. By choosing our flame protection garments, you get the ultimate protection according to the latest European norms.  Read more in our  brochure.

When visibility is crucial at your work site, our high visibility workwear will help maximise your personal protection. Our fabrics in fluorescent colours and reflective tapes meet the latest international standards and our high quality demands ensure  you’re visible in all light and weather conditions.

A filter protecting the surroundings.  Our Cleanroom garments meet the demands and provides maximum comfort when working in cleanrooms as well as other controlled environments. View  our Cleanroom  brochure for more information.

This is the workwear collection required when working in the food industry. Especially developed to meet the challenges faced by industry, manufacturing and handling when requirements on hygiene are crucial.  Take a look in our  brochure  for more information.

ESD related damage is a common source of faults during the production of electronics. The right workwear combined with other ESD certified equipment is the only way to guarantee that your products are not exposed to discharge.  View  our Industry ESD brochure for more information.

Fristads' shell garments are the lightest GORE-TEX arc and flame protective garments on the market.

Here’s what we’re doing to ensure that Fristads’ products are produced in safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions and also what we do to minimize the environmental impact throughout the supply chain.