Care & Repair

We’re done with throw-away culture.

Each year, millions of tonnes of clothes are thrown away because they are worn out or simply have fallen out of fashion. We think it is time for the clothing industry to up the game when it comes to sustainability. At Fristads, we minimise our environmental impact by developing premium workwear that is made to last for many years, even in tough conditions. And when things do break or wear out, we always consider repairing them instead of replacing them. These are our best tips for how you can make your Fristads clothes last even longer!

Laundry guide

All the instructions you need to properly care for your Fristads product and maximise its durability, comfort and performance.

Fristads Green

Meet the world’s first environmentally declared workwear collection – created with sustainability in mind, every step of the process.

Timeless classics

Our timeless classics are the garments that defy trends and truly stand the test of time. And they are as popular today as they were then.

How to care for workwear

We share our best tips for washing, wearing and storing your workwear correctly, so that you can extend its lifespan and enjoy it longer.

Snikki toolbelts

Crafted by hand in northern Sweden and made of high-quality leather, our iconic Snikki toolbelts are heirlooms that last for generations.