All high visibility garments are certified according to EN ISO 20471 and are divided into three
different classes – 1, 2 and 3 – depending on how visible they are. In the Fristads High Visibility Clothing System we
have co-certified our collections, so garments in class 1 or 2 can be combined in various ways to obtain a higher safety class.
Our quick-reference guide shows all options.

Waistcoat/Short sleeved tops without reflective tapes on sleeves.

Shorts/Pirate trousers with reflective tape.

Short or long sleeved garments with reflective tape on sleeves.

Trousers with long legs/Bib’n’Braces with reflective tape.

* Upper body (U) and Waistcoat (W) must be worn over the Bib’n’Brace to obtain class 2 or 3. If they are worn under, the Bib’n’Brace itself determines the class.

Here are some examples on combinations to achieve class 1 and 2 for the whole set.