We always put the worker’s safety first. With our garments, you can rest assured that ​​​​​​​you have the best protection according to European norms. Click on the image to learn more about each standard.

EN ISO 11612
Heat and flame

EN ISO 14116
Heat and flame, limited flame spread

EN ISO 11611
Welding and allied processes

EN 1149-5
Electrostatic properties,  ATEX e nvironments

IEC 61482-2
Electric arc

EN 13034
Liquid chemicals

EN ISO 20471
High visibility

EN 343

EN 342

EN 14404
Knee protection

EN 13982
Airborne solid particles

EN 13758-2
UV protection

​​​​​​​Rail industry standard for high visibility clothing

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Flame protection

We offer a complete range of inherently as well as flame-retardant treated garments. The wide assortment makes it easy for you to find the flame protective workwear that is required for your occupation and risk assessment.

Certified garment combinations for electric arc

Increase your electric arc protection by dressing layer on layer. We conduct tests with different clothing combinations to ensure the amount of energy the garment system can withstand.  Find the exact values on specific garment combinations here.

Certified garment combinations for welding, heat & flame

Attain the highest welding certification – class 2 – and increase your protection against radiant heat, contact heat and molten iron splashes. Find information about the exact certification values for different  garment combinations here.​​

High Visibility

When visibility is crucial at your work site, our high visibility workwear will help maximise your personal protection.  Advanced material technologies together with good fit provide comfort and flexibility in all weather conditions.