EN 343

Certified and approved garments provide protection against rain and inclement weather.

Requirements and test methods for fabrics and seams of protective clothing against the influence of rain, snow, fog and ground humidity. Resistance to water penetration (A) and water vapour resistance (B) is measured.

A: Resistance to water penetration: 1-4, where class 4 provides the best waterproofness
B: Breathability – water vapour resistance: 1-4, where class 4 provides the best breathability
C: Impact from above with high energy droplets (optional)

The EN 343 norm was updated during 2019 with the addition of class 4 (previously class 1-3). Fristads waterproof garments released during 2020 have been tested according to the new version of EN 343.
An ongoing update and recertification of existing garments is underway.

Waterproofness and breathability of Fristads garments
The waterproofness in Fristads garments is tested with a water column of 10,000 mm and the assortment is categorized as following:

20,000 mm>     Extreme weather conditions
15,000 mm Heavy rain for a long time
10,000 mm    Continuous rain for a long time
5,000 mm     Moderate rain for a long time
3,000 mm    Light to moderate rain for a shorter period of time

Breathability is indicated in the RET value. The lower the RET value, the better the breathability.
RET 0-6     Extremely good or very good breathability
RET 6-13    Very good or good breathability
RET 13-20     Good or satisfactory breathability
RET 20-30     Unsatisfactory or limited breathability
RET 30+     Unsatisfactory or no breathability