Sustainability strategy and goals

Fristads’ management group is responsible for setting the overall sustainability strategy, actions and KPIs, and ensuring that they are known to every department and everyone working in the company, including part-time workers and consultants. Fristads’ management group follows up on the sustainability goals and informs the vice president of Hultafors Group’s PPE division, to which Fristads belongs, on key sustainability issues. The vice president of PPE in turn reports to Hultafors Group’s management team.

Key policies

All our actions are based on a set of policies and codes that are unique for our operation. These rules structure and regulate all our activities, ensuring that we act in a responsible way.


Since the turn of the millennium, Fristads is certified both according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This requires us to work systematically with improvements of our processes and products to increase customer satisfaction as well as minimising our environmental impact.

We also certify our products through OEKO-TEX®.

Read more about and/or download our product certificates here.

Our memberships

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