EN ISO 11612
Heat and flame

Protective clothing that complies with EN ISO 11612 protects the user from contact with heat and flames.

Two-piece protective clothing must be worn together and protect the entire body to achieve the right level of protection. The CE labels inside the garment contains information about the necessary garment combination and which code letters that the garment is certified for.

For whom?
Electricians, industrial workers, miners, road and rail workers, welders. Workers in the foundry industry (iron, steel, aluminium), offshore, energy, refinery and maintenance.

A: Limited flame spread
If the garment is exposed to an open flame for 10 seconds, it should go out within 2 seconds and no hole should occur.
A1 - Surface ignition
A2 - Edge ignition

B: Protection against convective heat (heat passage)
Specifies how long the garment can stop the heat passing through the garment when exposed to an open flame.
B1: 4-10 sec
B2: 10-20 sec
B3: 20 sec or more

C: Protection against radiant heat
Specifies how long the garment can stop the heat passing through the garment when exposed to radiant heat.
C1: 7-20 sec
C2: 20-50 sec
C3: 50-95 sec
C4: 95 sec or more

D: Protection against molten aluminum splash
Specifies how much molten aluminium splash the garment can handle before holes are formed.
D1: 100-200 g
D2: 200-350 g
D3: 350 g or more

E: Protection against molten iron splash
Specifies how much molten iron splash the garment can handlebefore holes are formed.
E1: 60-120 g
E2: 120-200 g
E3: 200 g or more.

F: Protection against contact heat
Specifies how long the garment can block the heat generated by direct contact with hot substances and objects.
F1: 5-10 sec
F2: 10-15 sec
F3: 15 sec or more

EN ISO 11612 – D,E
Molten iron and aluminium

Protective clothing specially designed to withstand molten metal splashes iscertified according to EN ISO 11612 (heat and flame) in categories D and E. Even if the fabric does not burn or crumble upon contact with the molten metal, you may get burns.

For whom?
Foundry workers, metalworkers, welders.

In the test, liquid metal is poured over the fabric at a special angle and the rating indicates how much the fabric can handle before a hole is formed. The test is divided into three classes where D3 and E3 respectively indicate the highest value. See the values in the list for EN ISO 11612.
Our specially developed MFA protective garments offer the highest protection against molten iron and aluminium D3 and E3.