Tracking our carbon footprint with STICA

Since 2018, Fristads has mapped its greenhouse gas emissions as a member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, STICA. STICA is a joint climate initiative for Swedish textile companies that focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the 1.5° C pathway, as defined in the Paris Agreement. In the end of 2021, we reported scope 3 were most of our emissions occur and where we can make our biggest difference. Scope 3 involves emissions outside our own walls, throughout our value chain.

Scope 1
Refers to emissions from owned or controlled sources, such as vehicles and facilities.

Scope 2
Refers to emissions from purchased and used electricity, district heating and cooling.

Scope 3
Refers to emissions from external assets, such as purchased goods and services.

Commenting the result

In 2021, Fristads emitted a total of 1182 tonnes of CO2 equivalents in scopes 1 and 2, which focus on emissions from our own operations. This was down from 1954 tonnes of CO2 in 2018, meaning a decrease by 39,5% since 2018.   The decrease can be linked to emissions from electricity use being halved and that more electricity comes from climate-neutral sources. This result also affects that emissions and energy use per area has both decreased a lot since 2018. Another aspect that affects this is the change to a smaller and more efficient office and warehouse in Borås in 2019.

Emissions from fuel use for own heat production and heating have also seen a reduction of 60 respectively 27% since 2018. Emissions from company operated cars have however increase by 25 % which is a result of the company growing and expanding in new markets.

For Scope 3 Fristads emissions has decreased with 2% since the baseline year 2019. The result is mainly an effect of that we received a lot of ordered products during the last year. On product level the decrease is 9%. The decrease is not larger because of the transports by air has increased by 106% from 2019 to 2021.

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