Belte og seler

Belts and braces are practical accessories that keep your work trousers in place. Fristads’ range includes a host of work trouser belts and trouser braces of different materials and models, so that you can find something that fits your needs. Our trouser braces are available both in full stretch for ultimate comfort and in hard-wearing, woven material with elasticated sections in the back. We also have a large selection of belts in classic leather as well as smooth stretch material and durable canvas. If you work with autobody repairs or in other segments of the car industry, we offer work belts with a soft buckle to prevent scratches. For those who are required to wear flame certified work clothes, we also have belts with flame protection. Thirsty at work? No problem if you choose our stretch belt with built-in bottle opener in the buckle. Some of our work belts can also be profiled, to give everybody in the company a uniform look. Wear a work belt or trouser braces for increased comfort all day.


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