Summer favourites

We are in summer mode and hope you are too! On this page we have gathered some of our best tips on how to dress for the season, along with a selection of our most popular summer clothes for work and leisure.  


Fristads collection of t-shirts are both comfortable and durable. Stay comfortable on warm summer days in our functional t-shirts.

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Lazy summer days or poking around in the garden? Fristads shorts are made to be comfortable in warm weather tempratures.

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The great outdoors awaits.

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Polo shirts

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Make your own tool belt

With a Swedish-made Snikki tool belt, you have all the tools that you need for summer’s projects close at hand.

Modern carpenters,
​​​​​​​Medieval techniques

The restoration of the historic Gunnebo house involves  both old craftsmanship and detective work.

Dress right
for adventure

Be inspired by our best clothing tips to get as much  ​​​​​​​out of your outdoor adventure as possible.

Håndverker stretch bukser 2760 LWS
1.349,00 NOK
Håndverker piratbukser 2761 LWS
1.249,00 NOK
Håndverker stretch shorts 2762 LWS
1.199,00 NOK