EN ISO 20471
​​​​​​​High visibility

High-visibility garments are certified according to EN ISO 20471 and make the user visible to the environment in daylight, darkness and in bad weather.

High-visibility clothing has a fluorescent surface and reflectors that meet requirements according to three different classes depending on how visible they are. Class 3 is the highest safety class. The certified class can be achieved with a single garment or a garment combination. A class 3 garment shall cover the torso and shall have either sleeves with reflectors or full-length trouser legs with reflectors.

For whom?
All workers who receive a higher level of protection by being extra visible. Most common in work situations involving vehicles, roads, railroads or large construction sites, or when working during night-time conditions or in bad weather.

Protects against:
Accidents in areas often involving vehicles, such as roads and railways. Class 1 or 2 garments can be combined in different ways in order to achieve a higher level of safety classification.  See our co-certification table here .

Minimum m2 to obtain approval according to EN ISO 20471


Class 3

Class 2

Class 1