Fristads EDI Solution

Streamlines the business process with automatic information flows

Simplify data and information flows between you and Fristads by automation with our EDI solution. In practice, this means that you place your orders in your own ERP system which communicates directly with Fristads’ ERP system. Your order is sent directly to Fristads’ autostore for processing, you can see your order status and delivery information in your system, and all invoicing is done by e-invoice. An effective way to purchase workwear that contributes to shorter lead times, saves time and money, and eliminates errors.

Effective order management

You place your order in your own ERP system which automatically sends it to Fristads. The order gets registered immediately by Fristads’ ERP system and an order confirmation is delivered right away. 

Fast and accurate deliveries  

When your order is sent directly from your own system to Fristads’ ERP system, we eliminate one step in the order management process which means we can speed up deliveries and eliminate mistakes.

Efficient invoicing

The automated invoicing system with e-invoice decreases administration.

Improved service and control

With EDI all documentation is available digitally. Duplicates and manmade mistakes are eliminated and if issues occur, troubleshooting can be done quickly.

Are you interested in learning more about EDI? Contact your local sales representative.