Knee pads

If you work on your knees a lot, you need knee pads to distribute the weight and reduce strain on your body. Fristads’ knee pads have been developed to provide the highest possible protection and comfort for your knees and are well suited for building and construction as well as any other industries where kneeling is part of the day-to-day. Our knee pads are made of a supple and springy lightweight material that cushions impact and are shaped to provide maximum flexibility when you need to kneel, crawl or change position often. Our knee pads for work fit all our work trousers and help carpenters and other handymen work without restraint each day. When you combine Fristads’ work trousers with our knee pads they are certified according to the standard EN 14404. To ensure that your protection is as effective as possible, the knee pads need to be positioned straight in front of the knee and therefore several of our work trousers have adjustable knee pockets. It is also a good idea to replace your knee pads often.


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