function and performance throughout the shift

In  close collaboration with the users in various industries, we have developed garment for industrial work that provide a perfect combination of function, comfort, durability and protection. Garments that meet high industrial demands and work optimally in smaller as well as larger operations. We also offer specially developed collection for you working within the food industry, in ESD-protected environments and in cleansrooms. Find the right workwear for you.

well dressed with all the features you need

We have a widge    range of service trousers for both men and women to suit diffrent types   of work . All with one thing in common, they are designed with pockets and functions specially developed for service work. Choose the sporty stretch trousers, the comfortable stretch jeans, the really lightweight trousers or the heavy durable classic ones.

Fristads quality even after several washes

As a given Fristads quality statement the industrial workwear range in P 154 quality is PRO-labelled. PRO-labelling states that the product is proofed for industrial laundry procedures according to ISO 15797. In addition, our garments are tested in some of  Europe's largest laundries in cooperation with our customers.

ISO 15797 is not a standard to which a garment can be certified.   It's a specialised test method for industrial laundries where the PRO-labeling states the laundry procedure. Look for the PRO sign next to the article to see if the garments is PRO-labelled.

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