Climate compensation

We are part of an industry that need to change. Even if both the industry and we have taken several steps in the right direction to minimise our emissions, we need to do more.

In addition to our ongoing work to minimise our CO2 emission with 30% by 2030 we have also chosen to climate compensate our CO2 emissions connected to our outdoor collection. We have chosen to climate compensate via the UN initiative Climate Neutral NOW.

This is how we calculate our climate impact:

Since 2018 we calculate our climate impact in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Scope 1 and 2. The GHG protocol is one of many standards which can be used to calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions. Scope 1 and 2 include our energy consumption and heating of our offices and emissions from company owned cars, among other things. Fristads climate calculations are always made with a third-party expert as an examiner. This is to get the most reliable and accurate figures possible.

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