EN 13034
Liquid chemicals

Protective clothing tested according to EN 13034 type PB* [6] protects against splashes of chemicals.

The garments provide a limited protective function against chemicals in liquid form. They are suitable for environments where there is a risk of splash exposure to small amounts of chemicals where a complete chemical barrier is not required. The protective clothing have special design requirements to prevent the chemicals from pooling on the garment, for example they don’t have any loose-hanging pockets.

For whom?
Industrial workers, miners. Workers in petrochemistry, energy, refinery, maintenance and offshore sectors.

Protects against splashes from:
Sulphuric acid H2SO4
30% Sodium hydroxide,
 NaOH, 10% O-Xylene, undiluted
Butane-1-ol, undiluted

Please note:
Protection against EN 13034 must be reactivated and adequate treatment must be added to the washing process minimum for every 5th washing cycle, unless otherwise is stated in the garment.

​​​​​​​*PB = Partial Body protection.