Complete tool belts

Durable, well-constructed, functional and so comfortable that you can wear them all day – that’s what users say about our tool belts. No wonder our tool belts often win top honors when tested by craftsmen. A carpenter tool belt, or tool pouch belt, is the ultimate aid for craftsmen and other workers within the building industry. Thanks to the practical pockets and loops, you always know where your tools are at and improve your ergonomics at work. Fristads’ range of complete tool belts is a good fit for carpenters, electricians, fitters, sheet metal workers, masons and many more. Our traditional leather tool belt is made by hand from premium materials and is still a clear favourite of many handymen. For extra comfort, we offer Ergo belts made of flexible lightweight materials, as well as tool belt braces. Tool belt braces can help prevent aching hips and back after long workdays. A must for pros and DIYers alike.

Complete toolbelts
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Complete toolbelts
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