Shell jackets

The shell jacket is the outermost layer of your layering system and protects against the weather. Most of Fristads’ shell jackets are certified against rain and moisture and have a water pillar of 10,000 mm, which means that they can handle consistent rain for an extended period of time. Our windproof and waterproof shell jackets also have high breathability, ensuring that moisture is allowed to escape while rain is kept out. This is important for the sake of your comfort, especially when you are physically active at work. A Gore-Tex shell jacket or a shell jacket made of our proprietary material Airtech® will provide the most technically advanced protection. If you want to make a sustainable purchase, we also have an environmentally declared, waterproof shell jacket made of recycled polyester. Our men’s shell jackets are available in a wide size range and several styles. Combine with an insulating middle layer for extra warmth, for example a comfortable quilted jacket or a fleece jacket.


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