Pirate trousers and cropped trousers

Several of our craftsman trousers are also available as pirate trousers, or cropped trousers. These trousers are a great fit for work in warm environments outside as well as inside and are a good complement for your work wardrobe. Pirate trousers extend over the legs but are not as long as regular trousers, which increases ventilation and provides cool comfort during long work hours. Our cropped trousers are just as comfortable, durable and functional as our longer work trousers. They are also designed with several smart functions, such as loose-hanging nail pockets, reinforced sections in CORDURA® and adjustable height for knee pads in knee pockets. Several of our pirate work trousers have reflective details for increased visibility and we also have cropped trousers that are high-visibility certified. Perfect for carpenters at larger work sites and other users who depend on being visible at all times.


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